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All Plastic Repairs

Welcome to PLASTEC, specialist repairers of carbon fibre, fibreglass and plastics across New Zealand.

if it's plastic or composite we can fix it!

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, baths, shower stalls, bicycles, boats, kayaks, spa pools ... we repair them all.

We repair for many car & motorbike repairers, builders and insurance companies ... always with positive feedback and total satisfaction.

Ask us about fixing Plastic, Composites and Carbon

From carbon bikes to kevlar & fibreglass boats, bumpers to bathrooms, we can repair your broken composite, carbon or plastic item. Simply email us, use our online form or call us on 377 1126.

Ask us about onsite fixes


Some repairs we can even do onsite, so let us know what you need fixed and we'll work out if our onsite service is right for you.